Adolescent Dogs Act Similarly to Teenage Humans, Study Suggests

woman hugging a dog

Although our doggie pals are generally however, they also can have plenty in their attitude. Take a look at a cute Siberian Husky not wanting to get out of the pet parks as well as in the case of an Italian greyhound chewing his dog’s bed while the other dogs were gone. Sure, we laugh but this kind of behavior cannot be sustained […]

Do Dogs Like Kisses? The Answer Might Surprise You

I love greeting my dog by putting the kiss of a lifetime on side of her head. She is accustomed to the routine and is always a pleasure to snuggle towards me to show her love. If you’re like many dog owners, then you’re likely to shower your pet with kisses. You might even get licked in return. […]

Why Does My Dog Paw at Me?

Dogs have only numerous ways of gaining your attention, and pawing is a way to be a good choice. “At the very beginning puppies are taught that if they paw the teats of their mother, the milk drops,” says certified professional dog trainer and Daily Paws Advisory Board member Irith Trietsch Bloom. “As they grow older, they will […]

Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Animals?

brown and white cat sitting beside of glass window during daytime

The first reaction you have when you see your cat drop dead animals at your feet is probably not the one to shout “thank you.” Cats aren’t trying to be cruel, do they? While it might sound strange to us humans, the fact is that cats aren’t afraid to bring us their food. It’s an instinctual behavior. When […]

Why Do Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face? We Got to The Bottom of This Strange Behavior

Your cat is fond of sticking his butt wherever it’s not needed, like directly in your face. Let’s face it cats wouldn’t be felines were they not doing many bizarre actions, including putting their butts anywhere they like regardless of boundaries of their own. We sought out a licensed feline behavior specialist to aid us to find the root of […]

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere (Including the Bathroom)?


Every day my cat mutters in a soothing voice when he follows me from my bedroom to the kitchen, petting his fluffy Tail against my pajama pant. He follows me to the bathroom and observes me closely as I clean my teeth. He even watches me as I shower. It’s a little creepy, I’ll admit but it’s all just […]

6 Tips to Redirect Cat Scratching and Save Your Couch

brown and white long fur cat

Everyone loves cats. Their tiny triangular noses delicate whiskers and toe beans are appealing … however, the tendency they have to rub furniture isn’t as adorable. Although scratching is a normal cat behavior that you should not discourage with brutal scolding or declawing you don’t have to accept an unending pile of furniture. There are many methods to retrain […]

What It Means When a Cat Licks You (And Why It Matters)

tuxedo cat with red eyes

Cats making their humans feel as if they were a lollipop doesn’t seem strange or unusual but what exactly do you mean when your cat is licking you? It could be it’s possible that the cat trying to help you stay clean or perhaps it is a sign that you have good taste. There are instances […]

Do Cats Know When You Are Sad?

white and gray kitten on bed

It’s not the cat’s fault that they are given the (false) negative rap regarding bonding and socialization. Dogs, which are man’s most beloved companions were domesticated as social pets prior to the time of cats. This means that they are ahead of the curve in understanding us. They also know when we’re down and ways to cheer […]

10 Signs You’re a Golden Retriever Parent,


Goldens are an exceptional breed and it’s not surprising that there are a variety of indicators that you’re the Golden Retriever–things that only golden retriever owners can comprehend. What’s more, when was the last time that you felt sad? It’s probably not since the day you got the golden puppy, isn’t it? The desire to stay closest to you […]