12 Pet-Friendly Plants That Are Safe for Cats

beige puppy lying on brown textile

Many cat owners are aware that their feline companions are fond of nibbling on every plant within reach. Given the inherent curiosity of our feline pets, it’s essential to include safe plants for cats in our garden design (and gardens when your cat has a habit of wandering outside) because your cat’s love of chewing on […]

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry? 5 Reasons

russian blue cat on brown wooden table

Have you ever thought “Why is my cat always hungry?” It’s not all on your own. As a cat’s protector, you’re aware that a cat who doesn’t take a meal for the entire day that’s why they have to go to a vet. Did you consider that a cat who is constantly hungry is an indication of […]

Why Does My Cat Knead Me?

brown tabby cat lying on brown cloth

Have you ever thought why my cat scratched you? Sometimes referred to as “making biscuits,” kneading is a typical behavior seen in cats. While kneading, cats move through their front legs with different amounts of claw action. The gentle scratching action whether with purring or not is something felines of any age perform and why? What is the reason […]

Can Cats Eat Bacon? Get the Facts

brown and white bread with sausage

Cats are carnivores that are obligate which means they have to consume meat, as their bodies are simply requiring it. (On the contrary, they are also regarded as carnivores who scavenge food, which means they are mostly meat eaters, though they are able to live on plants by themselves in the event of a need.) What about […]

How to Teach Your Cat to High-Five

tabby cat touching person's palm

You are able to teach your dog tricks. Trick training is an excellent method to build a bond and also provide enrichment by stimulating your mind. To begin the art of trick training with your pet, make sure to keep your sessions brief. 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient time. You just need to take time each day […]

8 Surprising Ways Humans Are Like Cats

person holding gray tabby cat while lying on bed

It is common knowledge the fact that monkeys as well as apes are thought of as being the closest to us But did you know that cats also have several similarities with us physically, biologically, and psychologically?             1. Genes A genome study from 2007 found that around 90% of […]

Why Do Cats Blink Slowly?

orange tabby kitten

Some time ago the trend was for people to try the notion that you can tell whether a smile is genuine or fake by looking at the eyes. Eyes that were wrinkled and squinty indicated that the smile was genuine those with eyes that were not wrinkled could indicate that the smile wasn’t genuine. The Duchenne smile […]

How To Take The Best Picture Of Your Dog Or Cat

black dog wearing blue denim collar

The saying goes that it’s impossible to make an old dog learn new tricks However, with regards to photo-taking with pets, you can find a few tips you can use to improve your cat’s photo shots as well as dog photography. If you’re looking for an image that you can share via social networking, or a […]

Why Do Cats Stare?


Cats are known for their stares at you or at the world beyond a window, or at the wall, and sometimes absolutely nothing. In fact, cats are avid observers. Here’s an insight into why they look. One of the cats’ most distinctive features is their eyes. The ocular characteristics of cats enhance their image of staring. They […]

Travelling with your pets

black short coat medium dog on car seat

If your pet will be traveling with you on your holiday One crucial aspect you need to think about is how your pet will be able to make the journey. The way you’re traveling and the length of your trip will have a major impact on the well-being of your pet if they are not able […]