I love greeting my dog by putting the kiss of a lifetime on side of her head. She is accustomed to the routine and is always a pleasure to snuggle towards me to show her love. If you’re like many dog owners, then you’re likely to shower your pet with kisses. You might even get licked in return.

But what happens if your dog doesn’t like to receive a kiss? We all know that kisses are an easy way to show love to others However, sometimes we forget that pets aren’t human. You might be shocked to find out that many canines aren’t happy with this typical human behavior.

Do Dogs Like Being Kissed?

In reality, the first thing to consider is to determine if dogs are able to recognize the meaning behind kisses between people. While dogs are quite adept in being able to recognize human emotions but they don’t intuitively recognize what kisses are.

We talked to an animal behaviorist certified by the AA Amy Shojai to find out the way dogs respond to the human touch. “Some dogs are enthralled by this, but only if they’re you teach them what it is,” she says. But if your dog isn’t aware of the meaning behind what you’re doing may result in anxiety or even confusion. “People kissing their dogs could transmit unclear signaling,” says Shojai. If a person is trying to express affection, does not mean the dog will respond in that manner.

Dogs typically engage with each other in an arc on the side instead of head-on. Therefore, it is difficult for dogs to suddenly spot a human’s face coming toward them. In reality, some can perceive this as a threat and may feel the need to defend themselves by roaring or biting. Shojai shares with us that she is particularly worried about children who are kissing and touching dogs as “they’re close to the mouth and within the reach of their teeth in case they interpret the gesture wrong.”

So, what’s the best answer? It depends. “If your dog is able to appreciate kissing on the top of its head, then it’s okay,” says Shojai. “For the dog who is new to you, I’d recommend alternative ways to express affection.”

There is a reason that certain dogs don’t want to be kissed. However, dogs that have been taught to love kisses can eventually accept or even love the kisses.

Do Dog Licks the Same Thing as Kisses?

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If your dog is licking you It’s not always an expression of affection. “What people think of as the dog’s kisses (licking) are actually what dogs often use to show appeasement or deference signals,” says Shojai. “When they kiss the eyes and mouth of another dog to declare, ‘I’m not a threat and you’re the boss of me.’ Similar to this they target the mouths of people as well as their eyes or even lick their hands of people,” Shojai continues.

Appeasement signals often called calming sign is a subtle type of body communication that dog trainers believe dogs use to soothe themselves and their companions. Appeasement signals can be employed to calm a situation or stop conflicts between dogs. Examples include yawning or sniffing lips, sneezing, and licking the other.

Shojai says that dogs “don’t consider the act of licking as an expression of affection” however, they might use licks to get attention. In the end, when dogs understand that we respond to their licks to them with love and love, it motivates them to lick us more.

Naturally, we wanted to be aware of the possibility that our dogs will touch us with their paws to show their love and affection (because the core of us desires it to be true). Shojai tells us it’s possible. “In an utterly positive way, dogs can learn to understand what we like and adapt their behavior accordingly.,” says Shojai. “Dogs are extremely observant and patient, and they are usually willing to accept our flaws, or even learn to accept them.”

If you kiss your dog and he reacts with a kiss it could be a sign of various things. The subtle signs in the body language of your dog can help you understand the meaning.

Why do some Dogs make sneeze or yawn when You Kiss them?

You might have noticed your dog crying after you’ve kissed him. However, it’s not likely because he’s sleeping. “Yawning can also be used as an indicator of appeasement. If the dog isn’t a fan of the kiss or is worried in some way, he may be able to yawn in order to calm himself, and also to say “hey, don’t worry about it there’s no danger here, and you’re free to return to me'” Shojai says.

“As for the sneezes — that’s an animal-friendly laughter,” says Shojai. “So perhaps the dog is surprised or puzzled, and then is able to laugh at the bizarre gesture.” Sneezing could also be used to signal a calming gesture.

In the end, these behaviors could be your dog’s way to ask for you to put down the kisses. However, don’t take it too personally! It’s possible to be a loving pet owner without worrying or causing stress.

Other ways to show your Dog That You Love Your

There are many methods to express your pet’s love more than hugs or kisses. My dog is a huge fan of my closeness and I show her my love with cuddles, pets, and a sweet voice. All it boils down to having fun with your pet in a manner that’s fun for you both.

“Play together with the dog! Take a look at what kind of games he enjoys and offer the dog what he wants.” Shojai says. Shojai. “My dog has no longer any dog playmates. He does however love to pretend that he is biting his leg just like the playful dog (I employ my hands or fingers like an animal mouth to gently pinch his legs). He’s a fan of the idea. However, whatever game (fetch or Frisbee, fetch, tug) the dog is fond of gets more treasured when played by a loved one.”

Engaging in exercise together is a fantastic way to bond as well and so, take your dog for a walk or walking and let him take on the adventure of the wild. Some dogs are even great running partners. It’s also possible to teach your dog to do some enjoyable tricks. The training sessions with treats are really fun for dogs and can strengthen the bond that you have with your dog.


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