Dogs have only numerous ways of gaining your attention, and pawing is a way to be a good choice. “At the very beginning puppies are taught that if they paw the teats of their mother, the milk drops,” says certified professional dog trainer and Daily Paws Advisory Board member Irith Trietsch Bloom. “As they grow older, they will try the pawing technique in different situations. Your dog could play with your legs, a toy, or even at an entrance. The dog will learn the instances when pawing will yield the desired result.” Pawing is also linked to how wild canines play and paw at their owners to encourage them to eat food.

7 Reasons Your Dog is Pawing at You


Certain breeds are particularly playful, including Siberian Huskies, Akitas, Samoyeds, boxers, and poodles Bloom states. However, all dogs can utilize paw movements to communicate. It can be used to ask for something, show not in danger with the form of a manner of appeasement or shows a lack of confidence, or even alert others, in the right situation. Here are a few of the most popular reasons canines have to paw at their owners:

1. Your pet needs to go to the bathroom.

Does your pet dog paw at you while you’re sleeping? He might need to go pee. Dogs will do what they can to help. If pawing you gets you up to get outside and do the things he needs to do, then he’ll do it as and when there’s a need. Do you cuddle your dog when he is pawing at you? You can expect this behavior to continue whenever your dog is begging to be cuddled regardless of whether you’re awake before your alarm time. What you do following the time your dog has pawed you is probably the response your dog was hoping for. Your reaction reinforced the fact that pawing can be beneficial to your dog’s benefit in this scenario.

2. It’s time for a meal.

Your dog is getting hungry. You seem to be unaware that it’s past your regular time for feeding. The dog might try to signal the desire for food by gazing at you. If that doesn’t work the dog will get more aggressive. The way he paws at you during mealtimes is a clear sign that your dog is in the mood for dog food.

3. Pets are petting you.

If your dog puts a hand on you when you’re being petted, it may represent one of many ways that they show affection according to Amelia Wieberdog behavior trainer, consultant as well as Daily Paws Advisory Board member. What happens when you stop touching the dog? Then it’s him soliciting more. “Do the “consent to pet” test. You can stop petting and check whether your dog is begging for more attention by pawing or rubbing your hands. This is a sign to motivate you to continue,” she says.

4. It’s just boring.

As humans, dogs require physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. If they’re bored, your dog could make paws to say, “Hey, let’s do something,” which is much better than running away and doing something harmful to entertain themselves. Your dog could be asking to play, go for an exercise walk, take him out, or give him a belly rub.

5. Remain calm, your dog is in need of some space.

Your face being pawed at is most likely an indication that your dog wants to be stopped. Do you put your face directly in his face when it occurs? Move your head away. Are you holding your puppy as he is pawing your face? It could be a sign that he isn’t a fan of being in your arms, Wieber explains. It’s best to look at what his body communication will tell you the truth. For example dog with a stiff posture and a head elevated is trying to signal you to let him have space.

6. You may need to consult your doctor.

The sense dogs have is awe-inspiring smell, which can be up to 100,000 more sensitive than our sense of smell. They are even able to spot cancerous cells in us in the words of the American Kennel Club. There have been reports of dogs who are obsessed with sniffing and licking spots on their pet owners who were later diagnosed with cancer. So if your dog is constantly scratching at a particular region of your body it could be because he has noticed that the area smells different, Bloom says. The good news is that dogs typically detect cancer at the earliest stage, which is when it’s the most manageable. Therefore, you should consider getting the area examined by your vet.

7. There is something that is causing your dog to become anxious.

Your dog is looking at you for safety and comfort. If something is causing him anxiety or anxiety such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or even pain in his body, your pet may beg you to paw him for assurance. Of obviously, he’d be satisfied if you made the issue go away.

What is the meaning of Your dog is pawing at other Things?

Apart from pawing on humans, In addition, dogs are known to also paw themselves, as and other pets, and even objects. Here’s how to recognize the behavior of dogs:

The Paw Ears and mouth

A visit to the vet is recommended If your dog is constantly scratching his mouth or ears. “That is a sign of discomfort and pain,” says Lisa Radosta, DVM, a board-certified veterinarian behaviorist from the Florida Veterinary Behavior Service. “Possible causes could be an object stuck in the body, dental problems, or an ear infection and allergy issues..”

Pets playing with other Animals

Pawing at another animal can be a sign that your dog is eager to play. “Puppies are taught at a young age that gently pawing at one another is a method of saying “play with me”,” Wieber says. Be sure to keep an on your dog’s behavior. Pawing could accidentally cause injury to smaller pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and even cats.

Playing with a Toy or Object

Paws of dogs are used to move their paws and flip toys and other objects during the game, Wieber says. “Getting an object moving as an animal of the woodland can make it more enjoyable and exciting. It can be chased, grabbed, and taken it down.”

How to stop Pawing Behaviour

black paw

Dogs communicate with their body communication. Pawing is a good method for your dog to communicate his wants but what do you do if the paws aren’t getting in your hands? You can employ the technique of positive reinforcement to train your dog to request attention in a different way.

For instance, you could train your dog to gently touch your hand whenever the dog is in need of attention, according to Wieber. This is how:

An alternative is to restrict the dog’s pawing during inconvenient moments. For instance, you don’t want to be able to have your dog pawing at you when you’re in a video conference. Bring your dog to the sleeping area with a plaything or bone, something that will keep him busy and entertained, says Radosta. “You’re telling your pet that you’re not available at this moment. In case you become bored with your pet, this toy will keep your attention. Dogs are smart and can learn when you establish a habit.”

The act of pawing your face at one another is a common way for dogs to show their feelings and wants. Understanding the signals your dog’s body language sends out can help you stay calm and bring you closer.

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