The first reaction you have when you see your cat drop dead animals at your feet is probably not the one to shout “thank you.” Cats aren’t trying to be cruel, do they? While it might sound strange to us humans, the fact is that cats aren’t afraid to bring us their food. It’s an instinctual behavior. When we know why they do this is a great way to help pet owners provide their cats with the safest and the most engaging environment that we can.

The Reasons Your Cat Gives Your dead Animals to give as “Gifts”


This is it’s Her Kitty DNA

Your cat isn’t a murderer with cold blood. At least, not in a deliberate manner. It’s true that your cat has always been an expert hunter, and the excitement of hunting prey is a part of her genetics. Though cats were domesticated quite a lengthy time ago, their urge to hunt, chase and catch vermin as well as other animals is a natural instinctive behavior. After having a good meal, cats take it back to a safe place such as their den or private area of grass or a bush (or the outdoor patio) to feast. They might even serve the meal to friends in their circle of friends.

Your Cat Is Practicing Her Hunting Skills

Take a look at the positive side! Sometimes she will just catch and is playing with the food that could be in her mouth which leaves you with the joy of trying to catch the mouse free in your kitchen. The capture and release can be seen as your pet practicing hunter skills, just as it was taught in the past. Wild or wild mothers frequently bring wounded or live prey to their kittens due to this reason, and they are able to also practice. This is the reason the cat toy which encourages your cat to pursue, pounce, strike, and bite are fantastic enrichment games that promote natural feline behavior.

What to Do If Your cat is bringing dead Animals

Do you not want dead animals laying on your door? This will likely continue until you confine your cat inside. It is best to keep your cat inside your house, contained to an indoor catio, or walk on a leash whenever she goes outside is the most effective way to stop more animal dead delivery. Additionally, cats wreak havoc on the surrounding because they don’t only take out tiny mice; cats who are allowed out in the open can end up killing birds, as well as other creatures that contribute to the ecology. In addition, there is a higher chance of your cat getting sick, such as Toxoplasmosis as well as rabies. It’s such an important issue that cats are thought of as an invading species. Animal rights advocates are calling on cat owners to be proactive and understand the negative effects of letting cats wander around. Keep your cat in the confines of your home for their security as well as the security of the environment.

Give your cat a safe and healthy indoor environment to keep your cat from Bring More Dead Animals into the house

Even though the outside world is filled with fun and temptations, the most secure way to make sure your cat is content and active is to provide plenty of stimulation inside. Every cat needs a chance to play and engage in feline-like behavior, and you can give it the opportunity to do so in your living space. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Cats are amazing companions that we cherish and love and are eager to share their affection with us too. It could be in the form of dead creatures on your carpet, however, to stop your cat from consuming food outside and taking it to your home with the “doggy bag” Make sure your cat is secure and content inside with plenty of cat-friendly toys.

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