Your cat is fond of sticking his butt wherever it’s not needed, like directly in your face. Let’s face it cats wouldn’t be felines were they not doing many bizarre actions, including putting their butts anywhere they like regardless of boundaries of their own.

We sought out a licensed feline behavior specialist to aid us to find the root of the reason cats stick their rear end in front of you. it’s not as bad as you believe! The next time your cat sticks his back end in the direction of you You might be able to say “Aww” rather than “Eww!”

3 Reasons Your Cat is a Sticker in Your Face

It’s possible that this behavior is strange to us and yet, as headbutts and rubs against you the cat is communicating with you via these actions. “Where the issues arise is when we don’t understand the behavior and interpret it as insulting, unnatural or even gross,” Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC author and founder of Cat Behavior Associates states. “If you’re looking to build a stronger relationship with your cat make the effort to learn about the ways that cats communicate. You might be missing out on so many instances of your cat’s expressions expressing how much she cherishes you.”

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Johnson-Bennett suggests several common things that your cat could be trying to communicate when he’s looking to get close and personal with him in his well, private space.

1. Your cat is nice.

Have you ever thought about whether your cat would say “hello” in another cat’s presence? Johnson-Bennett claims it’s true, and that a warm greeting isn’t enough without a good look at the bum.

“In the world of cats, it is commonplace to show the hindquarters of a cat’s body. is considered to be proper manners,” Johnson-Bennett says. “Cats that are friendly to one another will usually approach with elevated tails. They’ll be sniffing nose-to-nose and the other cat will then turn around to show the back of the cat to sniff.” The scent glands and the corresponding pheromones that are found in the cat’s rear end give their feline companions the specifics about who they’re as well as what they’ve done.

If your cat keeps smacking you in the face, that’s just a sign you’ve had a very sweet kitten!

2. Your cat needs love.

For some cats, sticking their bums in your face is a sign that they are looking to be loved. Although a gentle pat on the paw might be enough for an excellent job, a bump on the face is an easy method of getting into your view and drawing a bit more attention.

If your cat throws his bum up in the direction of your eyes, it may just be looking for a little love. Cute, right?

3. It’s a symbol of confidence.

Wild, animals remain alert, looking over their territories for prey or potential threats Johnson-Bennett explains. If they are secure with people they trust They tend to look away and may even turn their backs on you, which is the ultimate sign of trust.

The position of the face-to-bum is the riskiest for cats but that doesn’t mean that the cat doesn’t believe in you even if he’s not putting his back or bum on you, says Johnson-Bennett. “Even cats living in the same household may differ in terms of how they show the affection and trust they have,” she explains.

Can I stop My Cat from putting its butt in My Face?

The process of building a relationship and confidence with your adorable feline requires knowing your cat’s behavior. In the event that your cat’s communicating in a manner that’s appealing to you, such as an abrasive paw Johnson-Bennett reminds us that pulling away or punishing your cat for this kind of behavior could cause him to be scared or confused. Instead, she suggests you try gently repositioning him, and giving him the affection which he is due.

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