Every day my cat mutters in a soothing voice when he follows me from my bedroom to the kitchen, petting his fluffy Tail against my pajama pant. He follows me to the bathroom and observes me closely as I clean my teeth. He even watches me as I shower. It’s a little creepy, I’ll admit but it’s all just an indication that I’m loved by him … isn’t it?

If your cat’s sound is like mine, you could be wondering if the trailing you has anything to do with you. It’s true, it is and it’s not. It’s typical of a relationship with cats, right?

Five Reasons Your Cat Is Always Following You

brown tabby cat

From health issues, to being just an ordinary cat There are a number of intriguing causes for this odd cat behavior.

1. Your Cat Enjoys Your Company

Don’t fret! You’re not alone! Your cat truly loves you. After being around people for many decades, felines have formed real and unique connections with their human caregivers. Cats love having time spent with their favorite one (you!) and are fascinated by the activities you do, particularly during those times of the day when you’re doing more than watching TV on your couch watching your favorite TV show, or cooking dinner or take care of a load of laundry. These activities are more exciting to your cat pet than staring at your screen.

2. Your cat needs to be looked after

The week is passing by quickly, and, if you’re anything like me, you’re often shocked when you realize that it’s midweek, and you haven’t made it to the store to buy groceries. Sometimes, our pets are “left in the dust” when we take breaks from our hectic schedules to give them the attention they deserve. Your cat might find that the most effective way to convince you to touch them and play with them or share a yummy snack with them is to make your presence visible … and that includes taking note of every move you make. You must be sure to give your cat love, affection, and numerous daily opportunities for enrichment each day to ensure that your cat is a content and healthy cat.

3. The places you go to offer scents … as well as also entertainment

This is the place where bathrooms come in. There is no doubt that wherever there are showers and toilets there’s a smell. Your cat is an avid smell lover and the bathroom is a great place to pick an array of interesting smells that will entice your cat’s senses.

Additionally, if your cat is a fan of a cool place to lie down on, a bowl to lie in (the sink), or simply enjoys the drip of drip, drips of a flowing faucet your bathroom turns into a play area for cats, or an oasis for relaxation. Cats also love your kitchen, your laundry room, as well as your bedroom filled with scents that they want to discover and play games to try out (toilet paper rolls can be extremely enjoyable).

4. Your Cat is in need of a Change in their diet

It’s probably not shocking However if your cat has been sitting in the shadows following your every move, they could be trying to convey your needs to you… It could also be that they are looking to take a bite. Cats are fantastic communication tools however, like children, they like to shout their demands or request snacks when they are going to the toilets. Nothing is more exciting than an unexpected visit from your cat as you’re working.

As with toddlers (and in my case, I confess,) the meal you prepared for them may not be satisfying or leave them wanting more. This could indicate that your cat is in need of an adjustment in their food habits. It is of course essential that you don’t feed your cat too much as overweight felines could cause serious health problems. But, when your cat gets older will have its nutrition and exercise requirements are also changing. Therefore, if your cat is losing weight or their coat seems dull, or your pet is constantly following you, even after you give them food Consult your vet to make sure your cat is receiving the nutrients they require.

5. Your cat is feeling sick

Cats are unable to put what they feel into words. They instead convey their feelings by using their body movements. Cats are able to communicate all kinds of things using their body. However, those who are having a health issue or being stressed can increase physical movements and behaviors. This could include being everywhere with you or trying to be as close to you as they can.

If your cat appears to be close to you in an unusually extreme way, is upset when you go out without them, or seems to be always following the movements of your pet, you need to schedule appointments with the vet or veterinarian’s behaviorist to check for any issues with their behavior or health.

Your cat might have realized that following you around your kitchen could be the most effective way to grab another delicious tuna meal or like being close to all the delicious smells that your cooking creates. Whatever the reason, if your cat is always following you, you must be attentive, making sure your cat is well and happy.


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