Everyone loves cats. Their tiny triangular noses delicate whiskers and toe beans are appealing … however, the tendency they have to rub furniture isn’t as adorable. Although scratching is a normal cat behavior that you should not discourage with brutal scolding or declawing you don’t have to accept an unending pile of furniture. There are many methods to retrain your cat’s destructive instincts by gaining an understanding of the reasons they do scratching in the first place.

First, you must understand why your Cat Scratches

Pet health experts and vets have observed that cats extend their claws for a couple of reasons (not just to tear up your sofa!). Here’s why your cat may be flexing its claws on furniture:

The most important thing to do to save your furnishings is direct your cat to scratching areas that are appropriate for him.

1. Cover Up

In the event that your pet is having a for a particular ottoman that’s close to violent, a simple method to keep her feet off is to wrap the entire area with an old towel or blanket. In this way, when you scratch on the rug, the blanket will take the brunt.

If you’re unable to make use of a blanket, consider wrapping sticky tape or foil on the area you’re trying to shield.

2. Make sure to keep her away from the spray

Purchase a spray that is safe for cats and spray your furniture with a good spray and then check to see if the spray can keep your pet from getting into your home.

3. Find Her Other Scratching Places

Put the cat scratcher (or two) close to her favorite spot to tear. You should have several places at home to stretch out and make her claws sharper.

It could take some trial and error to discover which areas your cat prefers to scratch. Scratchers may be horizontal, vertical, or slanted, and constructed from a variety of materials. It may take a while to discover one that your cat is affectionate with.

4. Keep Her Engaged

Since she may be using her scratching as a way to get some mental stimulation Your furniture’s protection could be as easy as bringing her toys. Cat toys that are interactive keep her entertained and entertained. Daily time with her most loved person (that’s the person you are!) will help even more.

5. Trim Her Nails

If you’re teaching her to avoid and what not to do, keeping her nails kept short will minimize any potential decor damage.

6. Stay alert

Always employ the positive method of reinforcement for your cat do not yell or spray your cat with water. Add catnip onto scratchers or cat trees to encourage her to scratch at them. But not your latest IKEA purchase.

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