Cats making their humans feel as if they were a lollipop doesn’t seem strange or unusual but what exactly do you mean when your cat is licking you?

It could be it’s possible that the cat trying to help you stay clean or perhaps it is a sign that you have good taste. There are instances when cat licking can be a problem and you need to find a different location where your pet can lick her kick licks.

How Come My Cat Doesn’t Like to Lick Me?

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Your Cat is grooming You

“It seems to be a bit like a loose grooming kind of behavior,” is the opinion of Amelia Wieber, CPDT-KA CCBC, and an active part of the Daily Paws Advisory Board.

Wieber says that the cat’s tendency to lick you is particularly common when you’re petting your cat. This is an “affiliated response” which means you’re grooming them by a pet, and they’re doing the favor by scrubbing your hands.

Cats groom each other by licking clean. Wieber suggests that you try to test the hypothesis by putting a stop to the petting of your cat when she is licking you. If she continues to lick her, she’s probably grooming you. “You touch me, I’ll kiss your body,” she says.

Although it may not appear as if they are, our felines are genuinely interested in our mental well-being. They are begging us to keep and clean, too. This is in fact what’s (sometimes) the reverse of dogs petting us to make us stop rubbing their fur, Wieber says. (Most times the dog bites are just kisses, but.)

Your Cat Wants Your Attention

If you’re walking along wearing soles that aren’t clean For instance your cat may make a noise and place it on your feet, Wieber says, just to let you know that she’s in the area. You can then go to the affectionate cats she’s surely looking for.

You Taste Good

It’s not a big deal However, sometimes your skin smells nice in the eyes of cats Wieber says. It could be because of the cream you’re using or perhaps the sweat is just a little salty. Cats are known to lick what they want, but often it’s you. Tasty Tom.

When Cat Licking can be painful, and how to Stop It

This is when a normal cat’s behavior could turn into a source of trouble.

When your pet’s habit of licking habits are often and frequent this could be an indication of anxiety or perhaps an anxiety disorder, Wieber says. In addition to licking themselves and the person you are with, your cat has been licking the windows and plastic, and even other objects in the home could indicate there is something wrong. Contact your cat’s vet for a better understanding of what’s happening and make an appointment. (Licking may also be linked with the feeling of nausea, Wieber says.)

Cat licking is also risky if your pet loves to lick your head, Wieber says. The products you employ for styling your hair will not be safe for your cat. Moreover, the hair itself could be long enough to create a blockage of hair within the digestive tract of your cat. If you suspect that something has happened go to your vet immediately.

There’s an easy method to stop this from happening, Wieber says. It’s possible to wear a headband or a hat of some sort when you’re asleep to stop your cat from reaching your head. Alternately, keep your cat and yourself separate to avoid this behavior.

You can also purchase something specially created for your cat’s needs to take a lick off, Wieber says, like a licking mat. It is possible to spread the pet’s meals over the mat and then, voila! Your cat will have something delicious to lick, but it’s not the case for you.

“Remove your attention. Don’t encourage the behavior by your attention, but redirect their focus,” Wieber says.


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