Laser pointers, fluffy toys, and sparkling Crinkle balls. They all come with vibrant colors, however, they’re not making the most of what the cats actually perceive. If you’re the owner of your pet, you’re aware that cats love running around, pouncing, and catching all kinds of things. The ability of cats to catch that irritating bird or grab you by the ankles as you step up is innate. But picking a favorite toy simply because it’s red isn’t something that cats were made to do.

Although cats don’t perceive as many colors as human beings do, cats possess an incredible ability to see tiny swift movements that have an incredibly wide scope of view. They are also uniquely equipped to detect dark objects and are therefore excellent night-time hunters.

What is Color Blindness?

Blindness to color is not related to being able to perceive, however, it refers to the capacity (or absence) to differentiate the colors. It’s not unusual for someone to be unable to discern red from green. Others have trouble–following an injury or disease to the eye, distinguishing hues of color, or being able to compare the colors. This happens because of color blindness. Cats are not affected by an eye deficiency the eye itself.

Humans and cats have two kinds of color receptors inside their eyes. They have rods and cones. The cones control vision during the day as well as the perception of color. Rods deal with what is seen at night, and they are able to view side to side as well as throughout (peripheral perception). Each cone is able to detect the spectrum that light emits. Humans are blessed with three cones and can therefore see the entire spectrum of light. Cats only have two cones, which limit the range of light they are able to see.

Can Cats see colors?

Our felines can perceive certain shades, but are there certain colors that cats perceive the most? The two cones that detect color permit them to perceive blue-violet as well as the yellow and green different wavelengths however they cannot see red-orange. Also, similar to dogs cat eyes perceive things with shades of gray, yellow, and blue tinges however some researchers believe that cats might also see different hues of green.

The laser pointer you constantly tease your cat with ( pick another toy Please!) isn’t a good choice to play with. Your cat may not realize the brightness of that red and instead, see the rapid, bouncing motion of the glowing light. Also, it can be annoying for them to constantly chase unobtainable prey.

What Do We Know Cats aren’t Color Blind?

It’s not easy to ask a cat which colors are their favorite however we do know that cats are unique and have incredible eyes! Recent research has led to interesting findings of the amazing things the eyes of cats can perform and perceive. Certain studies have been able to provide the simulation of the vision of cats that gives us an idea of the cat’s vision in reality. There are also studies that involved the use of foods and color panels to see if animals as cats do, discern different colors. Animals can choose one color over the other to receive a food reward.

What does this mean to Your Cat?


In addition to the fact that toys such as laser pointers can cause an unjust, inequitable competition for cats (seriously put it down! ) Toys with bright colors won’t be stimulating for your cat the same way as toys that move. The most effective toy for your feline is one which activates their instinctual predatory instincts however if you’re looking to pick an excellent accessory that will look beautiful as well it is best to choose those that come with shades of blue, yellow, and perhaps green.

Although your cat may not see all the different shades of stunning rainbows, she’s an expert nighttime hunter. Cats are crepuscular which means they’re very active during the dawn or dusk hours. It is important to be aware that if allow your cat to go outside (it’s best to keep Meowmers in the house) they’ll certainly be able to detect any movement that is moving.

Cats possess cats to have a ” tapetum lucidum–or an extremely thin reflective layer that runs along at the rear of their eyes that bounces and increases the brightness in dark areas,” says Alicen Tracey, DVM at Den Herder Veterinary Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa. Tracey claims that it’s the reason the cats’ and dogs’ eyes are more likely to shine in the darkness.

The ability of a cat to see through the darkness is the reason a cat can cause chaos in the outdoors, killing all sorts of tiny animals including native bird species. Therefore, you must be aware of your panther’s eyes, as they are able to keep a watchful check on other animals as well.

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