Goldens are an exceptional breed and it’s not surprising that there are a variety of indicators that you’re the Golden Retriever–things that only golden retriever owners can comprehend. What’s more, when was the last time that you felt sad? It’s probably not since the day you got the golden puppy, isn’t it? The desire to stay closest to you as possible always is a part of the appeal of this adorably silly breed. And it’s only one of the reasons pet owners with gold in their lives are awestruck.

Here are 10 indications that you’re certain to be an owner of a golden retriever.

1. Dog hair is a part of Your Personal Look

Every outfit needs it! It’s a good idea, or at least it’s a good approach to adopt when you’re likely to have an adorable golden retriever as a pet because they shed regularly and at a rapid rate. Add to this their incredibly serious snuggles that like to be in physical contact with their loved ones and you’ve got the recipe for a pet with a fur-filled leg. As we see it there are three options: keep your lint roller on every day or choose a color scheme that lets the fur to blend into the surroundings and blend in, or accept the reality that you’re living the golden retriever lifestyle.

2. You’re Not At Home Unless You Look At Tumbleweeds of dog fur

The home is where all the dog’s hair is. Isn’t that the way the saying is? The goldens shed–heavily–and pet owners of these breeds are familiar with finding fur on the carpet or on furniture as a flurry of fluffy hair floating on an unnoticed breeze … frequently in the nick of time after taking down the vacuum. Yes, regular grooming and brushing ( baths included) can help in reducing the amount of hair shed, as will having a vacuum that is designed specifically to deal with pet hair however, remember that, even if you are able to win this day, you’re never likely to win this battle. The hair will continue to grow and it’s a good idea to take it on as one of the elements of your décor at the very least.

3. They make friends much more easily than You

Sure, you may have a lovely nickname, but it’s not going to ever hear it ever again. From now on you’ll be referred to as the dad of Ginger and Charlie’s mother. (Hope that’s fine with you.) Because when you’re trying to win hearts and establishing lifelong friendships It’s your golden retriever who is doing all the lifting. It’s just you who is holding the poop bin. Adults, children, and other doggies often come out of the woodwork to greet each other whenever goldens or their humans are walking around and nothing brings the dogs more joy than making new friends.

However, most golden retrievers haven’t met anyone else. Their beautiful smiles, adorable eyes, and those kind and wagging tails pull people in their tracks, and, luckily they’re able to share the same feelings since they’re attracted to everyone also. In the end, the best thing that can be better than plenty of attention and pets from your pet is getting pets from all kinds of people!

4. They know how you feel (Sometimes before You Do)

“They have the highest level of social, emotionally intuitive, and sensitive canines,” says Scott Osborne who is mother to five beautiful goldens and insists that each one has had this quality. “They understand what I am feeling and what I require and they can tell which person requires a head-to-head pet and which one wants to play, they can walk slowly around elderly individuals,” she says. They’re excellent when it comes to children–after all, they are a part of the joy of playing! However, it is important to remember that dogs should never be left alone with a young child. Children need to be taught to behave with any dog, regardless of how friendly they may appear.

5. You’ve Never Gone to the Bathroom Alley since You brought them home

Also, you haven’t been for a hike or taken a dip or cooked dinner as well as watched your preferred television show without a companion because no matter where you are, your favorite furry companion is by you. With their loyal nature and love for people, They are most content when they are with their favorite people. This is because their owners are typically happy when they can be with their golden pets! This is a win-win.

6. Your Most-Favorite Thing to watch isn’t on Netflix

Golden retrievers are known to be a riot of laughter and pet owners who are blessed with them enjoy nothing more than watching them play whatever the thing is. Finding all the things that they love, playing in the green grass swimming in the water and observing the number of toys they can put in their mouths, trying to figure out the puzzles as well as learning new techniques … through everything golden retrievers radiate joy, and it’s simple to observe, laugh and become swept away in their fun-loving spirit. As far as we’re interested, there’s no reason to argue with it!

7. You’ve learned how to do Pretty Much Anything When You Give Pets

If you didn’t have the ability to multitask before you introduced the golden retriever in your home, we’re sure you are today! It shouldn’t take long to get your dog to teach you to be attentive to her using just one hand when cooking, reading, or looking for the most recent Golden Retriever video clips on TikTok … you’ll get the idea. When it comes to Golden Retriever’s interests are concerned, everything you accomplish, you can do it while giving her massages, belly rubs, or maybe a pet massage.

8. Your Home is Puppy-Proofed, Even even if your Golden isn’t an actual puppy anymore

Golden retrievers are awestruck by food and, of course, we don’t just refer to food. (Although we’ll be honest it’s true that they enjoy food to the point that it’s crucial to keep track of the amount of kibble they’re taking in to prevent excess pounds!) Giving them ample exercise and a wide selection of chew toys is a great way to prevent inappropriate chewing however, the desire to chew (and consume food) can be real and parents who are golden know that any item that’s not put away could be thought to be a chew toy, even when they reach the age of adulthood.

9. You used to have Your Own Place on the Couch

Do you remember when you would lie down to sleep in your corner on the sofa? It was so comfortable did you not think? The good thing is it’s comfortable, but it isn’t yours to keep now. Because your golden is now claiming that it’s his. Although, no matter what you do not be annoyed when he’s like he’s gorgeous (and is so content to cuddle with you). In addition, as trained as golden retrievers are you’d think it shouldn’t be difficult to get he should stay off of furniture. You just do not have the courage to make it happen.

10. It’s a fact that nearly Any Event can be a Pool Party when you have the right attitude

It is possible to also measure the exact distance of the splash zone after the bath or swim you think? With their fun-loving way of life as well as their history as retrieving and hunting canines, Golden Retrievers are known to be passionate swimmers regardless of whether you’d like to swim with them or not. If you have the ball as well as an area of water then you’re set for a great and possibly a little muddy afternoon of playing fetch. Make sure you monitor the cute fold-over ears because that design creates an environment that can lead to an ear infection an issue that is common.

With all of these benefits and other reasons, it’s great to live your life with golden retrievers.

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