You are able to teach your dog tricks. Trick training is an excellent method to build a bond and also provide enrichment by stimulating your mind. To begin the art of trick training with your pet, make sure to keep your sessions brief. 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient time. You just need to take time each day to do some practice. Cats like routines So by establishing the routine for each day, you’ll encourage them to be excited about practice time. Within a short time, you’ll be amazed by how much your cat understands.

One of my top beginning cat tricks is teaching cats the art of “high five.” This amazing trick is as simple as your cat lifting her paws, in time, of course, using a swatting motion. It is a natural and simple move for her to master. Training should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for you and your cat.

Are you ready to start?

  1. Begin by taking your cat’s favorite snacks which she doesn’t receive often. Freeze-dried chicken or roast chicken works great, too! Shake or crinkle the bag to make your cat more eager for the time of training.
  2. Place the treat before your cat at a level that is near the shoulder. If she does reach out and eats it, let her know that she did “good” and follow up with a reward.
  3. Do this for several days, for a short amount of time. If your cat is struggling when she is struggling, lift the treat up above her head slightly. Every pet is not alike, so experiment with different methods to see the things that make your cat raise her pet’s paw.
  4. When your cat is able to understand the difference between keeping treats in your hands and a reward only when her paw is in your hands, even in the smallest of ways, you will soon be able to understand that she must touch your hand to receive the reward.
  5. Hand out your hand to the cat and, if your cat gets it in its hands, you can say “good” and reward it. If your cat isn’t responding then take your hand off and then present it to her. If she’s still confused take her back one step to refresh her.

In a flash, the cat will have learned to high-five! I hope these suggestions inspire you to train your cat and will increase your bond.

Pro Tips

Training is consistent. Your cat might not be able to jump into high-fives the following day. Sometimes, we all require a refresher.

Keep the sessions short; five minutes is an ideal time for training. This can be difficult while you’re having an enjoyable. But, keeping your sessions short will prevent burnout and leave your cat eager for more.

Train at the same spot each day till your pet can understand the behavior.

Grab the ottoman! Some cats focus better on a platform that is elevated.

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