The saying goes that it’s impossible to make an old dog learn new tricks However, with regards to photo-taking with pets, you can find a few tips you can use to improve your cat’s photo shots as well as dog photography. If you’re looking for an image that you can share via social networking, or a family picture or an animal portrait, you can follow these photo-perfect guidelines:

1. Use Natural Light When Possible

Do not use a flash while taking pictures of your pet. Although flash photography may not cause permanent harm or even discomfort for the pet you love, flash that is bright flash could frighten certain animals, causing them to fear the camera. In addition, the flash can cause “red eyes” and cause your pet to look flat. This is certainly unpleasant. Professional photographers suggest using indirect light sources. Naturally, when you have pets, it might not be always easy to get your pet’s position right therefore you might need to move around in order to obtain the best lighting. Additionally, the ideal time for outdoor photography is between mid-morning and late after sunset when the light is naturally warm and soft. If you’re taking photos indoors, be sure to avoid direct lighting, and make sure that the lighting is evenly distributed in the event that you’re trying to make a dramatic shot using particular lighting.

2. Make Sure Your Pet Is Comfortable

Pets are naturally curious, particularly when they are in new environments. Although your pet might be used to snapping pictures, scheduling an event that is more formal is sure to entice your pet’s curiosity which is why you should give time to your dog or cat to adjust to the equipment, the setting, and the procedure. Be sure that your pet isn’t hungry or thirsty and has had the chance to exercise prior to the event. Limit distractions Provide reassurance and praise keep it positive and enjoy yourself because your attitude is what will create the perfect atmosphere that your pet will enjoy. If you’re planning to dress your pet in a particular outfit, ensure it is properly fitted and comfortable. Make sure your pet has a chance to try it on prior to the photo shoot.

3. Be Patient and Take Lots of Photos

The process of taking a picture of your pet should be fun. It’s not possible for your pet model to snap a bad photo. However, to capture the perfect photo you must be patient. This is particularly true in the case of pet photography or any type of photography with animals in general. Try to have fun and play around with different postures. Sit on the ground and take pictures eye-to-eye instead of taking them from the top. If you’re photographing your pet, consider using a pet’s favorite toy or food item (like the cheese piece, for example, so you can ask your pet to “say cheese) right above the camera, so that your pet is focused on the camera. According to the pros of, you may try to get your pet’s attention by making an unusual noise because calling your pet’s name may be confusing since your pet will think you are calling them to come to you. There is no way to take excessive photos that your dog has taken. Make a lot of photos, including poses and candid ones. Allow your pet to be natural and the best pictures will reflect the personality of your pet. This will broaden your options when it comes to picking your favorite images. In the end, the only way to capture that one-in-a-million photo that your animal is to snap millions of photos.

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