Just as we take our dogs on strolls to help keep them physically engaged It’s equally important to keep their brains active. This will enhance their lives because it gives them something to do that is meaningful help them relax and keeps them from getting into trouble.

We look at some brain games that are super easy that will really exhaust your dog and provide you with some much-needed relaxation.

Treasure hunt

If your dog is fond of playing with its nose, or you’d like to put your mind to the test, then why don’t you ask your dog to search for hidden treasures in the home or in the yard? For starters, you’ll need to put the puppy’s favorite treat or toy where it is easy to find and then let them see as you conceal it, prior to giving them a short instruction to locate that “treasure”.

You can make it as simple or difficult as you’d like by hiding the prize in increasingly challenging areas so that your pet stays interested while they learn.

This is an excellent method of getting your pet to make use of all its senses, and stay free of any trouble!

Hide and look for

If your dog loves the idea of a treasure hunt instead of hiding food items or toys they love, what better way to become the treasure that your dog is able to discover? There should be at least two players to have fun to ensure that one person is able to divert the puppy’s excitement while the other locates a hidden spot. It’s a lot of entertaining for everyone Be sure that you will reward your pup when they’ve discovered you!

The ideal opportunity to spend a day that is rainy, exercising your dog’s senses!

Interactive toys

There are many stimulating games that you can buy for your dog and you can try making your own at your home. Certain of them roll, while some bounce, however, the uncertainty is a great and enjoyable exercise for dogs while they search for their favorite treats.

This could be something similar to the Kong that must be filled with food that is dog-friendly or something more intricate like a game that takes a bit longer to reach its reward. A great way to distract them!

These stimulating games and toys can test your puppy’s interest and help them develop their thinking abilities.

Learn an exciting new technique

The process of teaching your dog an interesting new trick or two is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them while challenging their minds! There are many tricks to choose from and you should ensure that you are never short of ideas or methods to improve your dog’s understanding.

From basic behavior along with the easy command to more intricate maneuvers, there’s something for every dog, and certain that you will be entertained too!

Head outside

Walk with your pet! You’ve probably already done this, but instead of speeding or following your usual route, you can try to set some time to let your dog explore and explore the world around them. Let them explore and sniff! You may enjoy the stroll, too.

Take care not to exercise your dog too many excessive amounts in the way of good things could cause problems later on in the course. Unsure of the length or how far you can walk your pet?

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