If your dog is a little bit older, and you want to keep them (and you! ) fit, healthy, and mentally active, begin engaging in fun group activities for dogs or out in the open with your dog. These kinds of activities can aid in strengthening your bond, ensure that your dog is in good shape and keep them mentally active, and can prevent problematic behavior.

When deciding on an activity for your pet, be sure to consider:

What kind of activities is suitable for your dog’s breed?

black and white short coated dog with orange collar

Flat-faced or short-nosed breeds

Flat-faced or short-nosed breeds (also called brachycephalic breeds) include French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers are prone to have difficulty with more vigorous exercise due to breathing problems and their ability to regulate body temperature. Be sure the type of exercise you choose is appropriate for your dog and that they are able to rest regularly when they’re showing signs that they’re tired, and, most importantly you’re enjoying it!

Larger breeds

Larger breeds, such as Labradors and Collies are full of energy and might require additional training and stimulation for their minds. Examining outdoor activities that include their favorite toys will keep them engaged and engaged in the task you choose. The challenge of trying new games can help them stay mentally active and active.

How how much exercise is considered too much?

Certain dogs might appear like they’re not content playing around, but lengthy or strenuous exercise may cause issues with joints and bones as they age. Dogs are advised to walk until they’re exhausted, but not longer. The distance and time depend depending on the breed. smaller breed puppies can become tired after 10 minutes of walking.

If your puppy lays down while walking and becomes less cooperative or walks with their head tilted or appears uninterested in their surroundings or in their training then stop then pick them up, and take them back to your home. Note this down to ensure that the next time, you will be sure to make an easier loop. It is also recommended to take your puppy to the gym on soft surfaces, like woodland and grass instead of concrete pavements. avoid steep slopes and stairs on your walks and refrain from running and ball play as they can damage the joints of their growing.

Should I stick to a schedule?

It is essential to take into consideration your exercise routine as every pup is better off with routine. Regular exercise that is consistent is ideal for any pup, and they will likely look forward to spending moments with you. While it is beneficial to have a routine having different routes for your walks will keep them alert.

What kinds of activities can I do?

There is a lot to pick from when you are looking for outdoor activities that you can do with your pet. Many provide a fantastic opportunity for you to interact with others and other breeds, giving you an opportunity to socialize with your pet. Join has come up with a number of options that can be enjoyed by every breed and experience.


border collie running at the seashore during daytime

Flyball is a sport played in teams for dogs and their ball-loving and competitive friends. Dogs are able to join a beginner’s team at 12 months and start playing at 18 months.

The game consists of four dogs in two teams, racing side-by-side in a doggy relay. Each dog runs through a series of jumping and activates a Flyball device to let loose a ball they have to catch before returning to the starting line. The process is repeated as a doggy relay with the team that has all four dogs on the finish line, winning the race. All breeds of dogs are able to be a part of the team, with the jumping heights being reduced for less athletic breeds. Some dogs are faster than others but the primary aspect of Flyball is to ensure that everybody comes to have fun and enjoy an enjoyable time with their dog.


running white, brown, and black dog

Agility is a fantastic method to train your dog and spend time with them bonding and enjoying doing exercises. Dog agility is an acknowledged sport that is popular in the UK It involves the handler leading their dog through a series that includes 17-20 obstacles with a goal to become the fastest and cleanest couple.

All obstacles must be done in a specific order. This includes the dog walk and weave poles, seesaws, and the A-frame. Dogs are able to compete in agility at 18 months old but training could begin as early as a year old, to allow your puppy to learn to be comfortable with the course.

Agility clubs usually provide for dogs with shorter leaps and less difficult obstacles. In addition, any breed is able to compete in agility, and the pups are placed in classes according to their height in comparison to dogs of similar size so that they stand an equal chance of winning.

Scent work

Scent work is now an increasingly popular pastime for dogs. It’s not only used in airport security or police forces. It involves teaching your dog to detect certain scents and identify objects with their nose. Every breed is able to participate in this game and provides puppies the opportunity to manage their high energy levels without running into trouble. It also keeps their minds active, help them focus on specific commands, and increases their confidence.

The basic principles of this can learn at your home using the game of ‘which hand’ by asking your dog what hand they’re in, and then encouraging them to go through their treats as a reward. The puppy can then be introduced to more difficult tasks such as finding treats in a variety of locations and, for those who truly recognize the scent, there are beginner scent groups that move into advanced classes and even competitions.


brown short coated dog swimming on water during daytime

Swimming isn’t only for senior dogs or injured people It is also a fantastic low-impact method of exercising your puppy! A growing number of canine swimming facilities are opening across the country, offering pups an enjoyable and safe method of having amusement in water.

Certain breeds are less inclined to swim in swimming or have shorter legs, however, centers usually provide life jackets for less experienced swimmers to help them adjust to the water as they grow and also to help maintain their muscles. If you’re thinking of getting your dog into a fitness routine or require guidance regarding joint supplements, need appropriate dog warm-ups, or simply need some guidance on the right exercises that will keep your dog active and happy The Join nurses are there to assist you for no cost as part of your Animal Friends dog policy.

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