What Is a Reactive Dog? An Expert Explains

Do you have a dog that behaves strangely or out of control at times? Do you feel he is nervous or frightening you with his behavior? If so, you could have a dog that is reactive. We spoke with Angela Hoover, LVT, regional director of technician services at VCA Animal Hospitals and a dog trainer certified by VCA, to understand […]

Adolescent Dogs Act Similarly to Teenage Humans, Study Suggests

woman hugging a dog

Although our doggie pals are generally however, they also can have plenty in their attitude. Take a look at a cute Siberian Husky not wanting to get out of the pet parks as well as in the case of an Italian greyhound chewing his dog’s bed while the other dogs were gone. Sure, we laugh but this kind of behavior cannot be sustained […]

Do Dogs Like Kisses? The Answer Might Surprise You

I love greeting my dog by putting the kiss of a lifetime on side of her head. She is accustomed to the routine and is always a pleasure to snuggle towards me to show her love. If you’re like many dog owners, then you’re likely to shower your pet with kisses. You might even get licked in return. […]

Why Do Dogs Sigh?


Humans usually sigh when they feel tired, annoyed and overwhelmed, or even exasperated. But why do dogs sigh? Do they emit this audible sigh because of the same reasons? In reality, dogs generally sigh when at peace, content, and sometimes angry at not having that walk in the evening or that pet they love from under the […]

Why Does My Dog Paw at Me?

Dogs have only numerous ways of gaining your attention, and pawing is a way to be a good choice. “At the very beginning puppies are taught that if they paw the teats of their mother, the milk drops,” says certified professional dog trainer and Daily Paws Advisory Board member Irith Trietsch Bloom. “As they grow older, they will […]

What To Do if Your Dog Won’t Eat

black puppy looking at cupcakes

When your dog refuses to consume food, it’s almost like an eye-scratcher. It’s hard to tell if he’s sick. Do you think he’s upset? Is he looking to see something better? There’s no definitive answer. The list of things that could lead dogs to stop eating appetites is almost infinite, according to Christine Brennan, DVM medical director for VCA Raleigh Hills Animal […]

Do Dogs and Cats Sleep More in the Winter?


They occupy the largest storage space on our phones and bring us the most satisfaction, but sometimes also a lot of worries. We are devoted to our pets, and keep an at them throughout the day. If you observe something that isn’t there before, you might be worried that something is not right. What is the case, for […]

Do Cats Like Snow?

black cat on snow covered ground

Dogs love to play, bounce and wag their tails during the winter months, but could cats be able to share the same joy should they be allowed to? Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. A Certified Animal Behaviorist, tells Scientific American that the dog’s love of snow may be a natural behavior. The predatory nature of dogs is why they […]

Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Animals?

brown and white cat sitting beside of glass window during daytime

The first reaction you have when you see your cat drop dead animals at your feet is probably not the one to shout “thank you.” Cats aren’t trying to be cruel, do they? While it might sound strange to us humans, the fact is that cats aren’t afraid to bring us their food. It’s an instinctual behavior. When […]